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Hoplist Creator

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What is this?

This is a tool for use with FSHost Server from, the exellent Multiplayer Server for Microsoft Flight Simulator.
The airport database holds all airports which is in use in FS9.

I'd like to thank Michael John 'Mick' Reid, aka Wheelie († June 9th 2009) for his invaluable support in this tool. He sent me an equivalence table which he used to check if an airport in FS9 is identical to its equivalence in FSX or not. If there is any changes (ex. location has moved slightly), it points to an other airport in its immediate vicinity (within 2 nautical miles). If the airport in FSX doesn't even exist, a warning message will be displayed in red.

Thank you Wheelie!



Create your own hoplist here

All you have to do is to is to type your ICAO codes separated by commas (ESSA, ESOK, ESMX, ESMK ... and so forth) and this script will take care of the rest. When you're satisfied with the result there is a download button at the bottom of this page that lets you download the hoplist file (hoplist.fhl) to your computer. It will contain the same information as displayed below the map.
If you want to leave a comment about this service you can do so at Chocolatesoftware's forum pages.

Additional info about the destination airport can be added here
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